How To Market Your Digital Art

Marketing Your Digital Art for Free Through Blogging:Step 1: Start your own blog.* Download and install a blog to your website.
* Even if you are not a writer, begin your blog. Write about your art, other people’s art, techniques, skills, how-to’s or even simple musings.
* Your postings do not have to be long. In fact, it is sometimes better to keep them short and sweet.
* Make sure that your blog is formatted (ie. use bold, italics, bullet points etc to help the reader know what you are talking about)
* The point of your blog is threefold:1) Providing valuable and interesting information to readers,
2) Getting more content and keywords onto your website, and
3) Engaging with a network of peers and artists who can buy, recommend and link to your work.Step 2: Add your blog to Blog Directories* Once you have a bit of content (3-4 posts is probably enough), spend a day submitting your blog to blog directories. A quick search will pull up plenty.Step 3: Join in the blogging!!!* Check out the directories you just submitted to and try to find some blogs that are similar to yours.
* Start reading postings from other bloggers.
* Comment on postings. (PS. Do not bother commenting just to get your link there, bloggers are smarter than that and will delete your posts). Actually read what they wrote and make valuable remarks.
* Subscribe to blogs that you like. Bloggers are a friendly bunch, and it is a great way to get to know who else is out there.
* Remember: these are potential customers and also friends, so treat them as both. The more “Real” you are, the more likely someone will want to look at what you are doing too.

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